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Aug 30, 2017 | 2 min read


This Week in GAFAnomics, August 30th

“This Week in GAFAnomics” features top articles from FABERNOVEL’s internal Slack discussions. Read here your weekly dose of curated news about the Network Economy.

Joachim Renaudin

Senior Project Analyst

GAFAnomics [ga-fɑː-nom-iks], noun: A modern, networked, economic system spurred by the eponymic GAFA (Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple) but also encompassing Unicorns, Chinese tech giants and all other companies changing our lives through computer technology.

#The week of August 30th

So what happened this week in GAFAnomics ?!

Will its new CEO stop Uber’s permanent crisis ?

Source: FMT News

Uber finally appointed a new CEO. Expedia CEO Dara Khosrowshahi will lead the on demand transportation giant and try to stop the bleeding. Khosrowshahi faces tough challenges: changing Uber’s highly criticized corporate culture, overcoming legal battles with Google, and leading the company towards profitability in the next two years.

Well, Uber could be at a turning point: a new face at the head of the company will certainly help Uber change its negative image in the media, in july, Waymo (Google’s mobility entity) narrowed the lawsuit against Uber, and amid all the noise, Uber’s latest results are decent, growing at a 118% rate year over year, with slightly declining losses. Who said Uber was doomed ?


Tax the rich and the robots

Source: iStock

Artificial Intelligence is on the rise. As algorithms start beating world class Go champions, employees start to fear that robots and software will replace their jobs.

Following rising anxiety about the robotisation process, Bills Gates took a stand in favor of a Robot Tax a few month ago. Today, California is thinking about implementing one as San Francisco supervisor Jane Kim unveiled a “ Jobs of the Future Fund” to study the possibility of a payroll tax on robots.
Yet such a tax spurs many questions. How do you define a robot ? Is an algorithm a robot ? Probably not. Does it replace human jobs ? Probably yes. Does a robot replaces jobs or does it replace certains tasks? One sure thing, automation is coming so whether or not you’re in favor of a robot tax, you better check if your job is at risk.


Amazon wants to lure Youtube influencers

Source: Amazon, YouTube

Last thursday, Amazon opened its Influencer program to Youtube influencers. The program enables social media influencers to open a page on Amazon platform, in order to recommend their favorite products to their fans. Whenever someone shops through their page, they receive a commission from the product sale.

This move is part of a larger move from Amazon which tries to leverage social media to boost products sales on its platform. In July, Amazon had opened an instagram copycat for Prime members, where members can share photos of their products and shop directly from the news feed.


Will Google win the hypermakets war?

Source: Fortune

Google is entering the war for grocery deliveries. In response to Amazon’s purchase of organic supermarket chain WholeFoods one month ago, Google is announcing a partnership with Walmart to deliver groceries directly from a Google Home order. While Amazon’s strategy is to buy a large supplier to own the value chain from supply to distribution, Google chose to partner with Walmart for supply, focusing on controlling customer contact. Our Senior Analyst Kevin Echraghi gives us his take on the partnership on BFMBusiness (in french).


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