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« Distribute the future. Connect leaders. Change the game. We ignite ventures and transform organizations for the new economy. »


The future is already here. FABERNOVEL’s ambition is to distribute it to the leaders of tomorrow, shaping an open and optimistic world. In the new economy, where value arises from connections, nothing is set in stone. The “winner takes all” rule is not inevitable.

Since 2003, FABERNOVEL has established global innovation hubs in the United States, Europe, and Asia.

True to the promise of our name, FABERNOVEL* creates start-ups, identifies possible futures, and shares the insights we derive from these activities with our clients. Our mission is to help you accelerate your time to market, with less resources and a stellar user experience, to excel in this new world.

The leaders of the new economy are shaping new standards for organizations and technologies. Agile and customer-focused, they are revolutionizing the way we interact with our devices. We analyze them and deliver their recipes to you.

We are design, code, and data craftspeople. We are entrepreneurs. We combine our talents with those of our clients to create the human and digital assets of tomorrow.

We cover the entire value chain, from strategy to implementation. We distribute the future, with curiosity, conviction, ingenuity, impact, and elegance.

*(faber = to do, novel = new)